Vamos Alla Playa with the BEST men’s summer swimwear choices!

Even if I could agree that on this topic men stylists could say more, but I’m sure nothing is better that an opinion from “outside”. So today let’s talk about perfect swimsuit of a man!


My aim is not to tell you what swimsuit you MUST wear, but I would like to help you to avoid AWFUL look in the beach or near the pool and finally make you ROCK in the summertime with your style!

So let’s start with the swimsuit, which I call LOOK WHAT I’VE GOT

I have to admit I just hate this type of swimsuit men wear. Yes, it may look appropriate and nice when looking swimming competitions but here all my love for this swimsuit stops. Men, who are not professional swimmers or representatives from athletics world, why do you wear those tight small “speedo” trousers in the beach and show yours not perfect body?? WHY?? Here comes the answer: I JUST WANT TO SHOW WHAT I’VE GOT. So let’s make a deal here. Those who suffer a lot being on a diet, who are dying in the gyms, you are ALLOWED to wear those tight small swimming trousers in the beach. Just as a reward for your work and just when your body is really ATHLETIC.

swimboy2 1392317827_jennifer-lopez-zoom   344e25d9db98dbfe_speedooo


Otherwise please, forget these swimming trousers. If you love them so much you cannot say goodbye to them, so wear this kind of trousers as your underwear at home as a compensation. If after have read this you still consider me as an insane person who doesn’t understand nothing, please read further and you will see how many fantastic swimming shorts you can choose from! AMEN FOR TIGHT SWIMMING TROUSERS


Now let’s talk about swimsuit choices for SKINNY men

Baggy Swim Trunks


If you are a skinny man, actually you are a lucky man, because whatever swimsuit you put, you will look pretty much ok. But to make you look perfect in the beach, skinny men should bring more volume to themselves when choosing a right swimsuit. This mean, search for a swimsuit which would have big colorful patterns with some kind of color blocking. For example, you can choose wide swimming trousers in blue/red/yellow color with some “Hawaiian” style patterns on it and vice versa.

$_58  $_12 $_12e



What about swimsuit choices for TALL men?

If you are really as tall as almost a BIG BEN, so here comes the main rule you should follow when choosing the best swimsuit. Be aware about THE LENGTH of your shorts. If you’re really a tall guy, choose swimming shorts with a length that finishes or in the middle of your knee or even at the bottom of your knee. With this kind of strategy you will simply EVEN OUT your proportions and nobody in the beach or near the pool will firstly say: “Wow, you are really tall” instead of saying “Wow, you’re looking great today”.

2575160-p-MULTIVIEW 2733336-p-MULTIVIEW  2555516-p-MULTIVIEW


Swimsuits for SHORT men? Yes, please.

Firstly, to be clear, short men in this case means all men whose height is lower than 170 cm. So my dearest short men, yours strategy when choosing right swimsuit should be opposite to those of TALL men. The point is that you should choose your swimming shorts which length (BEST CASE) finishes just above your knee. This works just as mini skirt for a lady. Ladies put miniskirts to make their legs longer. You should put swimsuit that length finishes above your knee also to make your legs longer and this is how you will EVEN OUT your proportions.

ondademar-lime-swim-shorts-sea-fit-PN2030-FOLC-C6-FRT_jpg_385x515_q95_crop-,_upscale   de5b3f8a759f44cd992f0b1deedb1813 d85b347635d563809ffad0fe5a0a72de


The last category of men to be considered: HEAVY men

I’m sorry for that word heavy, I could say men who are sexually heavier or something like that, and at any case I’m leaving it up to you to decide you’re heavy or not. Heavy guys, your life should be simple when choosing right swimsuit! You know why?? Because everything you should do, is to go with the CLASSICS. This means, do not choose neither loose/baggy shorts, nor some speedo type (OMG NEVER EVER) or tight swimming shorts. Everything you have to do is to pick the swimsuit which are called CLASSIC style swimsuit, maybe of a denser/darker colors (just to make you look sexier and nicer) and of course some kind of vertical stripes would make you look even more fantastic! So keep it simple my dearest men!

Hackett-Solid-Volley-Swim-Shorts-Black snap531



So my dearest men, I hope to see you finally being really good-looking and confident in the beach or near the pool this season! Just forget speedo style swimsuits, keep your swimsuit choices stylish but simple and rock in the beach this summer!!



















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