Mademoiselle? Yes, please!


After spending my weekend in Paris, I got back home feeling inspired not only by city itself but I also got couple of things going in my mind. While having a walk in the center of city starting from “place de la Concorde” until “Arc de Triomphe” my eyes caught certain style details that I define to be very “Parisian”. That’s is why, today I would like to talk about some kind of “mademoiselle” style detail – THE HAT. Hat which can be worn in usual day, hat which could be perfect accessory when participating in some kind of cocktail party or wedding, and hat which is suitable in summertime when having holidays in some resort.


Yes, it is a simple style detail, but you cannot imagine how it changes your all look. Suddenly from being dressed for example in simple black color (which is very popular in Paris), by adding a hat, your style becomes more “chic”. The same when you add pepper to your food just to provide more TASTE for it. So don’t be afraid and try whatever “street style” hat you want. ONE NOTICE. “Street style” hat doesn’t mean you put that big round “horse races” style hat when going out to the city, especially with jeans which has a lot of holes. Pay attention that “street style” hats usually are those small/medium style, may be colorful ones that just fulfill your daily look style.


P.S. I got mine black “street style” hat from Paris. Believe me, it is a fantastic style detail.

Image Image


“COCTAIL” style hat


“Coctail” style hat means that small and sometimes “haute couture” creature on your head. I would suggest you using this kind of hat when having cocktail parties outside not inside, except when cocktail party has certain theme or the house where cocktail party is held really will suit your style. I personally, haven’t used yet any of “cocktail” style hats in my life, but however I had already couple of moments when I thought it would be useful and could make my look more elegant and sophisticated. Although all women could wear this kind of hat, my suggestion will be that mature women should pay attention to this accessory and wear it more often. You can be dressed in simple trousers and jacket, and small “cocktail” style hat could make your style more magnetic and sexually mysterious. So, be brave and risk your style by wearing this small “magnifique” hat.


Image Image  Image


“WEDDING” or “HORSE RACES” style hat


Yes, yes and one more time yes. Time for big, round, transparent and marvelous hats. Those hats become the most important accessory of your look. So before wearing them be sure, this kind of style detail really suits you, because from the moment you put it on your head, you will be in the center of attention. It doesn’t mean you should avoid this kind of style detail, but please be sure you are properly dressed to merit wearing this kind of hat. Please, don’t wear this kind of hat with a short mini skirt which can be called “bandeau” skirt instead of mini skirt. This kind of hat requires really elegant clothes to be worn, so those ladies which prefer “sexy” style instead of “sophisticated” style, should forget about this kind of classy “Parisian” style accessory.


Image Image



In summer hat works not only as a style but also as a sun protection detail. So don’t be afraid by trying various caps or hats. I personally suggest your using white or other colorful “street style” transparent and light hats, which will not only protect your head from the sun but will be a perfect style detail fulfilling your summer look. I don’t want to make you think that beach is a runway, but still please keep in mind that beach is not your room where you can be the “monster” in your own little word. Pay attention to the fact that simple and chic style should remain always the style that describes you, especially when you’re outside the home. So keep it simple in the beach, but don’t forget that you are a woman, and woman are the most fantastic creatures in the world!!!


Image    Image

Enjoy reading and get inspired!!
















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