Favorite Aussie Bloggers

Continuing with Aussie theme, we present our top favorite street style bloggers from Australia that we adore, follow and copy!

Shall we start?

By Chill

Her feminine and eclectic style is so beautiful and easily to be worn despite of your job, lifestyle and personal preferences. This girl is not only the brain and the face of this elegant blog but the Market Editor at Instyle Magazine Australia.

“I’m completely obsessed with Iris Apfel, she totally owns her style.  Exactly how I hope to be when I’m 92!”




Confident Liar

The queen of black and simplicity. Ridiculously talented and funny photographer from Sydney. Not only great personal style but loads of amazing photos from different shoots.

“Most of my inspiration comes from the people I’m surrounded by, the different blogs I read and certain locations that I find myself in. If I had to specifically name people though, I’d have to say Shini Park, Elize Strydom and Darren Mcdonald. All three create the kind of images that leave you speechless, breathless and wanting more.”



Gary Pepper

I have some serious girl crush on this girl! She is stunning and her style is just impeccable: bold, elegant, feminine and always top notch. She was involved with bunch of the most famous fashion and beauty brands as model, stylist, consultant and creative director.

“I really want to build Gary Pepper into an empire so the aesthetic is so strong that if you come to a Gary Pepper cafe or if you stay in Gary Pepper hotel, you know what it’s going to look like, you know what the atmosphere is going to be like. I’m really focused on dedicating my whole life to building this.”




Harper & Harley

Sara stays true to her black, grey and white philosophy. Chic, elegant, easy going and classy with an edge. No buzz.

Harper is the chic girl and Harley is more edgy – I feel like I sit in the middle of the two parallels.



Modern Legacy

Effortlessly beautiful. So simple and so light. It does not hurt either that Kaitlyn is just stunning beauty by herself.

“I am always very interested in achieving a certain balance in my outfits, whether that be in shapes and proportions or colours and prints. Like putting together a puzzle, really.”




K is for Kani

Quirky, colorful and totally adorable. Kani is the owner of a shop and Law student either. Her happiness reflects her wardrobe.

“Happiness is beautiful photography, seeing the world and a wardrobe full of colour.”




Everybody should hate Jessica because of her beauty and her stylish lifestyle. Though it is impossible because she is such a sweetheart who shares her sleek and refined wardrobe ideas with all of you.

“Less is more! I love designer pieces but I pair them down with high street or vintage finds.”




Extraordinary style, easy going personality and multitalents. That is Zanita Morgan – blogger, model and photographer.

“My favourite place to shoot has been atop the Duomo in Milano but I will always be a fan of a retro suburban landscape.”



Let us know your thoughts!





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