Men are from Mars. Women are from Venus. Get over it.


Men are from Mars, women are from Venus. Yes, that’s a famous title of one book, who tries to explain that men and women are different and will remain different for ages. But today this book it’s not what I want to talk about. And I don’t want to talk a lot by myself today neither because I really can’t consider myself to be that kind of relationships “guru”. Today I just have decided to share my own experience about watching certain workshops in youtube which really gave me a clue how men & women relationships work generally.

Half year ago several workshops in youtube were shown to me. And yes, I have to admit that when first I heard that phrase: “I will show you amazing workshops about men & women” I thought “Oh well yes, youtube can “TEACH” me a lot, thanks “. Yes, I had completely negative opinion about the idea in general to watch something in youtube just to get know more about how men & women relationships work. But. There’s always that magical BUT. I was SURPRISED how I was amazed by those several workshops which finally put ALL I KNOW about relationships in their places.
What I have witnessed is that we all know A LOT about how relationships work, how they should work or why they are not working. The problem always is – we forget that men and women are DIFFERENT, and they THINK in a different way. The truth is, that women ARE NOT CRAZY, they just have different way of thinking, acting and reacting. Men the same. If men think in more rational way and try always to separate one subject of discussion from another, women always talk about EVERYTHING in one time. Women can jump from talking about life then to talking about style and shopping, then jump to another subject and etc. Men CANNOT DO THIS. And here we go with a little confusion and misunderstanding. If we talk to a man about EVERYTHING and we notice that he is sitting with no reaction we DECIDE he is really not interested. But that’s not true. Well yes, it’s possible that you are so annoying man would dream just to see you finishing talking as soon as possible but I’m not talking about this case. Man is interested, the problem is you give SO A LOT of information in one moment that he doesn’t know how to react and what to answer. And that is not a MAN’s PROBLEM. Dear ladies, this is OUR PROBLEM. Stop talking to man about EVERYTHING in one time, mixing all ideas you have in a head. Start separating things you talk about. First talk about one subject then move to another, this is how you will avoid certain misunderstandings.


This is only one example about men’s and women’s differences. And those are not my personal thoughts. My aim today is to encourage you to watch several workshops made by a really fantastic and funny man Mark Gungor, who is a PASTOR (yes, he really is) and has made really amazing workshops about men & women relationships just to help couples or already married people to put everything they know in right places and once more explain how everything works. So I am putting here links from workshops called “TALE OF TWO BRAINS” ( , “YO MAMMA SESSION” ( and “HOW DOES SHE OR HE DO THAT” ( which consists of several different videos covering different topics: how women and men THINK , what women or men EXPECT FROM SEX and how men and women REACT to certain things. These are in my opinion main workshops to watch in your free time, when you feel relaxed and don’t mind of hearing some interesting and funny stuff because believe me, in some moments, what you hear will make you LAUGH a lot.

So enjoy watching those videos my dearest readers, and if you don’t have time to do this, remember that when you WANT, you HAVE TIME for EVERYTHING! So don’t search for excuses and let’s yourself explore more about women & men relationships!




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