Lessons of Seduction Techniques. A Perfect Brew of Coffee

(Lietuviška versija jau greitai!)

Hello people! Today we will talk about the most complicated beverage on Earth – Coffee. More specifically, we will explore ways how to brew it (the ways self-respecting coffee bean would love to be brewed and enjoyed). Forget mocha, forget extra hot soy triple vanilla latte, forget everything you think you know about this drink. Let’s take it real&black!

coffee yam

Coffee history (a VERY short version):

You probably know that coffee originally comes from Ethiopia! Also it was Ethiopian land where coffee beans were roasted… by accident!

Then nice men from Arab world got hold of these irresistable beans and started cultivating and taking coffee for its stimulating properties, so they can better perform during their nightly Sufi holly ceremonies. However, others (not such spiritual) beings got super interested in the black bean, so they tried it and soon made coffee SOCIAL. Wealthy people enjoyed coffee at their homes, serving it to their guests, and poor people… they opened coffee houses! Politics, games and whores became the core of XIV century coffee-house in Yemen.

Coffee House in Middle East in 18th Century

Coffee House in Middle East in 18th Century

When Arab world got conquered by Turks, coffee became part of Turkish obsessions (everyone digs it!). Turkish coffee houses were all about knowledge exchange with fellow-men (but really all about hookah and coffee). Women were not allowed to enter the coffee houses and in the beginning of the coffee craze the only females who were able to enjoy this “muddy” drink were Sultan’s companions (they also were the first who got their fortune read from the remaining coffee grind).

To make the rest of the story short (as promised) – coffee became a precious commodity. Sneaky Indian smuggler managed to steal some fertile coffee beans from Turks, then Dutch got hold of it…Coffee craze spread out throughout the Europe and the rest of the world. The coffee houses sprang up like crazy, in turn they inspired French Revolution, gave birth to new ideas, provided highs and lows. In short, coffee became political, social and economical*. Here you have it. Now let’s go back to today!

Let’s talk about brewing! Is there the perfect way to make your cup of coffee?

No. There is no BEST way to do it, but there are multiple options, and only YOU can decide which one will satisfy you best. For instance, you may enjoy robust “muddy” drink, or you may prefer a finely grounded “crisp” aromatic option. Also, there are over 60 different types of coffee beans, and roasting options… so we say – whatever-turns-you-on. 

fine or coarse? That's the question...

fine or coarse? That’s the question…

We picked three distinct brewing methods and dare you to master at least one!

Turkish Way

Turks made coffee brewing into a ceremony. Traditionally they roast beans right before grinding them for a fresh fabulous taste, and adding sugar before the brewing even starts! If you enjoy a longer process of making coffee that is quite “muddy” and robust, do it like Turks do.

French Press

If you would like less involvement in coffee preparation, then french press might be your kind of tool. Grind your beans coarse, pour water, wait and press… If you want to become a pro at pressing, here is a video:

Chemex – Brew for your Senses

This looks like a lot of work, but chemex brewing method provides great pleasure to those who want to “open up” the bean for it to blossom. This method will separate aromas and tastes, so you can close your eyes, have a sip, and enjoy each individual note. I want this!

So, dear people, let us know how it goes and what other methods you have tried (and who did you manage to seduce with your marvelous skills)…

*As you may be aware, coffee history includes slavery and colonialism, about which we didn’t talk here. However, today’s coffee supply comes from various regions in the world, where many workers are treated like sh*t, so please do some research before purchasing and vote with your coffee beans for the fair trade (and earn karma ponts). (:

Soon on Glam de Zoo – Coffeehouse – A Flirt’s Zone

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Enjoy your new skills and experiences!




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