Back to school

Back to school

H m shirt
$33 –

NIKE rubber sole shoes

Monki black rucksack
$53 –



Jet Setters Guide to Gaeta

IMG_3242Since I used to spend my summers in Sardinia, it is quite a bummer when I am stuck here in Rome. Yes, Rome is spectacular but the sea and the beaches near it… I’d say – not so much… But! A good thing is that the train system in Italy is quite well organised and it let you reach every part of Italy pretty easily (not Sardinia, though…).

So this time when I, finally, cleaned up my schedule, I headed to southern part of Lazio and did some sun bathing in Gaeta. Continue reading

The Tip To Avoid Pain Caused By High Heels

Paris-Street-Style-3When anyone asks me how I can wear high heels all the time, I respond with a catchy phrase borrowed from Serena from Gossip Girl: “…your feet won’t hurt as long as you have just the right amount of champagne”. Though if I could drink champagne every single day… Oh, well…

I must admit that after a long day at work or  long hours on the dance floor with your buddies, it is practically impossible to avoid pain in your feet (although, FYI Champagne really helps! Kudos, Serena!). Continue reading