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This Is How We Do

So since August is knocking like an old joke to our door, we think it is more than fair to get freakin’ crazy during the last month of summer. This fresh music video makes a really good statement how to do that, hunny bunnies!


GdZ Team

Jet Setters Guide to Gaeta

IMG_3242Since I used to spend my summers in Sardinia, it is quite a bummer when I am stuck here in Rome. Yes, Rome is spectacular but the sea and the beaches near it… I’d say – not so much… But! A good thing is that the train system in Italy is quite well organised and it let you reach every part of Italy pretty easily (not Sardinia, though…).

So this time when I, finally, cleaned up my schedule, I headed to southern part of Lazio and did some sun bathing in Gaeta. Continue reading

Splashes of Neon. Summer 2014 / Neonu Apšlakstyta Vasara 2014

Hello again! This post is for those who are asking for a bit more attention this summer. Best way to do it, is through your clothes, of course. Neon is trending this season, so hop on the boat of loud colors and enjoy the sun!

Sveiki! Šis straipsnis tiems, kurie prašosi šiek tiek daugiau dėmėsio. Būkite pastebėti ir išreikškite save šią vasarą vilkėdami ryškesnę aprangą. Neoninės spalvos yra “ant bangos”, tad šokite į rėkiančių spalvų laivą ir mėgaukitės saule!





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