Lights. Phone. Action! Great Tips for “Selfie” Lovers.

Today let’s briefly discuss “selfies”. Media would call it a true “phenomena”, but, really… it’s a no brainer that people eventually realized they can spend hours by themselves shamelessly “duckfacing” and posing, without an involvement of (or judgement from) another human being.

Good or bad? 

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Hip Hip Hooray for Bastards!

Hot_CoupleS_-_1024x768_-_Wallpapers_-_aman15-5.jpg_a_18Yesterday during a bitchy session called “How I hate guys”, my patient conversation partner interrupted me with a million dollar worth question: ok, so why do you like him? That was the eureka moment for me: really, why do I like him?

Yet during another conversion on the same topic, a guy friend responded me with outrage: Nice? Do you call him “nice”?! That is the worse thing to be told for a guy! Continue reading

Men and Glam de Zoo / Vyrai ir Glam de Zoo


Since I am a young, single professional living in a big city, naturally, dating process is a big part of my daily routine. Sometime dates with young, single (or not so single – SIGH!) men can be a thrilling and interesting experience, sometimes – just interesting, and sometimes you  come home after your another date and start thinking: Maybe is it time to stop dating?

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Men are from Mars. Women are from Venus. Get over it.


Men are from Mars, women are from Venus. Yes, that’s a famous title of one book, who tries to explain that men and women are different and will remain different for ages. But today this book it’s not what I want to talk about. And I don’t want to talk a lot by myself today neither because I really can’t consider myself to be that kind of relationships “guru”. Today I just have decided to share my own experience about watching certain workshops in youtube which really gave me a clue how men & women relationships work generally.

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