5 Things Italian Men Do That Make Us WOW and 5 Faux Pas That Make Us Down

DSC_0135 1 Pitti Uomo 84 signature Laura MuscatSoon after we had posted our article about biggest and nastiest men style faux pas, one of our followers responded that Italian men do not have these kind of problems because they were the most stylish men in the world. It made me thinking if it was really the case…

Since I live in Italy, it gives me a possibility to observe these funny and adorable creatures, called Italian men, 24/7. So I have come to a conclusion. No doubts, they have an amazing sense of style. The question is if every man can pull it off . So here you are, my lovely men, a couple of tricks out of Italian men pocket.

5 Things to Learn from Italian Men


Almost every one of my Italian male friends has his own tailor and at least a couple of tailor made suits. And not because they are very fancy or old fashioned (yeah, I heard that one), believe it or not but it makes a huge difference! The good quality suits, shoes, shirts, accessories, generally, everything looks completely different on you, in a good way. The most important thing that a good quality fabric makes you feel much more comfortable and better so it boots your confidence. I do not have to tell you that confidence is very sexy. Very.

8492a90d637122e7_pittigq51_Fotor_CollageMore is More

Ok, so this is a tendency that is common among Italian male fashionistas and, oh boy, they know their business. That is a thing that they make their style not only vivid and playful but as a piece of art with a dash of extravaganza. The most important thing is balance: if you decided to put on all accessories you have at the moment, so bring it on, but be careful editing your outfit and once again – BALANCE. Mix ‘n match, put bows or paisley patterned ties with stripped or gingham shirt, put a pair of cufflinks and do not skip on fantasy. Just try to keep a balance based on colours or shapes or patterns. Have in mind that the rules are broken in good taste and for good reason. If you master the art of editing, you are good to go!


Attention to Details

It applies for both: editing and encouraging. Dear men, please, do not be afraid to use accessories – they are not women, they do not hurt you! You have so many to choose from: scarves, ties, bows, hats, cufflinks etc. It can bring some fresh air to your wardrobe in the blink of an eye. Also, while you are editing your outfit, just try all kind of different things with it.



Street_style_inspiration_milan_florence_iatly_tommy_ton_nam_streetfsn_men_must_have_fashion_trends_izandrew_www_izandrew_blogspot_com_izandrew006-e1335446734816I do not usually bet but if I do, it would be the only thing – you could never find Italian guy with baggy clothes. Never. Of course, sometimes it becomes a big faux pas but frankly speaking, I celebrate this trend. Everyone tells how women have to embrace their bodies and accentuate them, so why should not men do the same thing? Man’s body is beautiful so well fitted and properly constructed clothes just make it more beautiful. Actually, this is another reason why Italian have their tailors: your body will never look so good as in customised clothes. That is how it is.




20131018_lapo-elkann_650x435Oh, that magical word sprezzatura… The definition of it is making difficult actions look easy while concealing the conscious effort that went into them. In other words just make it look like you do not care… Whatever… But actually it is an art of dishevelment so be careful not to look just simply sloppy. The masters of this art are Gianni Agnelli, Lapo Elkann or Michael Bastian.


5 Big No No to Avoid

Size Matters

As you can see there are wide variety of style tricks you can use to embrace Italian style so use it wisely and according to your body shape and the colours that suit you. When you go for an eclectic style, there is a very thin line from looking completely ridiculous, so embrace your body and choose right proportions, patterns and colours.

Red Pants

Some of men thinks that this item is the key to fashion stardom. Sorry, it is not. Yes, it can be a big wow factor if you do it wisely but if you count only on your fabulous red pants… Sorry, fella, you have lost this case.


I do not know, maybe it is the most comfortable shoes in the world but, seriously, is it the only option of comfy shoes for men? I get it – cobble streets is not a catwalk but if I manage walking with the heels, you can do much better than Hogan either.

Labels or Love

Even after more than a couple of years of living in Italy, I cannot do anything about giggling when a guy asks me if my shoes are this or that brand. Obviously, I love particular fashion houses but you cannot be so obsessed with brands. It is not sexy. At all.

Talking too much hurts

Ok, you love fashion, I love it too but despite that I do not have to know all your beauty routine and favourite brands in the first hour of our meeting. I want to see your passion for fashion and not only listen about it.

And what are your ideas about Italian Men Fashion?




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