Swimwear brand that fits all – Agent Provcateur


Morning dear ladies!

I know only one month of summer is left, but still, for those who hasn’t heard anything about this lingerie & swimwear brand, you better hear it now!

What is special about this swimwear brand is that here you can find swimsuit which will be perfect for you and will fit your body perfectly! I have discovered this brand recently being in London and have already bought one of those stunning bikini’s! This brand offers you not various types with different cuts bikinis, and what’s also very attractive – colors they represent.

If you want to stay classy in the beach you can choose black color as the best option for you, but for those who adore colors and love to shine bright in the beach – Agent provocateur is here to help you!

These bikinis is not only about being fashionable, these bikinis is about being sexy, staying classy and having possibility to represent your personality in the beach!

Don’t believe me?

Watch out some of Agent Provocateur offered bikinis and order it online or find store in your country!!

Sofia Vergara wearing Agent Provocateur bikini:


photos from dailymail.co.uk

Nina Dobrev in Agent provocateur:


Kim Kardashian in Miami beach with Agent Provocateur:


photos from http://www.celebrityfashionista.com

Have a fantastic day and kill everybody with your adorable bikini this summer!

Agent Provocateur bikinis you can find online: http://www.agentprovocateur.com

Good luck,



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