Jet Setters Guide to Paris


And finally, I’m here with my guide to Paris for you my dearest readers!

I guess I don’t even have to tell you where Paris is, but for those who has forgotten I just want to mention that yes, Paris is a city of love. And not especially city of love because you could find love of your life here, but because of love itself. Here you can feel love for architecture, theatre, style and many more things. Paris has its own SOUL. And nothing can substitute this first impression then you step up in Parisian streets.




How to get there:

Ok. So let’s start about how to get to this magnifique city. There are plenty of ways doing to, just depends where you live. If you live in London, Brussels or Lille, best option could be fast and very comfortable EUROSTAR train heading straightly to the main London’s train stations – Kings Cross. Even the ticket price could be even the same as airplane tickets, but just the fact you don’t need to get outskirts city just to get plane, makes this option the most suitable one. So as you can understand another opportunity could be airplane. You can find several low-cost airlines flying  from your city to Paris, for example: easyjet, ryanair, wizzair and many more. These companies will definitely suggest you low prices for getting to Paris. The only problem is – they usually flies to airports far from the city itself. But don’t worry whenever you come to Beauvais airport or Orly, you can easily take a shuttle bus and in hour reach this magical city of Paris!

IMG_9495 IMG_9553

Where to stay:

Well. This is a tough question for those who are money savers. My first suggestion for you would be to look for kind of renting a room or a flat via This site offers millions of opportunities of staying all over the world, just look for the owners having the biggest credibility and don’t worry about getting to live in somebody’s home. It’s a safe and cheap way to discover Paris.

For those who can afford a hotel, not especially the best one, I suggest the one called HOTEL CONCORTEL. It’s a 3 stars hotel in the heart of Paris near the Champs Elysees. From this hotel you can reach either the Arc de Triomph, river Seine or the most famous Galleries Lafayette simply by having  a 10-15 minutes walk. For more hotels visit, best site for this kind of hotel stuff.

Where to eat:

Let’s start from my own experience. Before I left to Paris, I have booked several restaurants to try their food and I have to admit it was a wrong decisions. Dinner and Buddha Bar Hotel restaurant Le Vraymonde, was not the best at all. I have ordered their famous burger, and the meat inside was cold and not cooked as I asked to do it. When I was waiting another hour for them to cook the meat for burger properly. One big crap. So my personal advice to you: eat in those fantastically cosy caffes in the street. The food in almost all those caffes is just wonderful and fresh. There you can find everything from baguettes filled with several things to main courses as meat, fish or pasta. Furthermore, it’s obligatory to try French wine. Waiters are always so kind and nice to offer you wine which suits your taste best. And the last thing OBLIGATORY to eat in Paris. MACAROONS. City is full of those. Starting from small sweets shops, ending as a desert in the best restaurants. Just really get a shot to try some of them.

IMG_9526 IMG_9529 IMG_9530


What to do:

If it’s your first time in Paris, number one to see is Eifel tower. This means not just going to see it, but getting a ticket and going till the up to see the view Paris in the best possible way! Believe me, you won’t regret it. You can book your tickets easily here:

Another thing to experience – river seine cruise. This one is worth trying during spring or summer when the sun is shining or evenings are still mild and warm. During 1 hour, you will see all the main monuments of Paris with mild wind going through your hair and of course with tour guide telling you main facts about those treasures. Those tour guide earphones you will find just on your seat, the only thing you will have to do is to choose language you want. You can book tickets for river seine cruise here:

Now little bit about museums. Of course the main museum worth visiting is Louvre. For those who are more in to art then in to shopping then you will be really amazed by this really big but mezmorizing piece of art. Mona Lisa, Michelangelo and many more pieces of art will be waiting for you there. Just remember, whenever you are visiting Louvre museum, delete at least 3-4 hours from your day, as you will spend their so many time you can’t even imagine.

Talking furthermore about attractions, there are lots of them in Paris. Visiting Monmartre is always a good idea, spending your evening in Moulin Rouge is also breathtaking. But what visit in Paris if without shopping. So my only advice here would be: Visit Galleries Lafayette. This shopping center or better saying shopping paradise will make your heart melt. Starting with first floors and most famous clothing/jewellery brands you have ever heard you can end up on the top of the floors wher you will find clothing or accessories brands from your usual life. Just be sure, that when you will see a lady with black gloves showing for some Arabian man a ring from Tiffany your heart will stop beating as this scene is unforgettable!!

That’s all for this time my dearest readers!! Just grab your suitcase and take a first plane to Paris! Because Paris is always a good idea and because fresh Parisian air can change your life forever!




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