Heart Scrape

fashion-strong-women-favim-com-272661Recently, I have come across with this article on ELLE – Why Mini Heartbreaks Hurt So Good –  and since I was going through a complicated situation of my own, I craved some sugar to help me think that everything is for better.

So the writer tells us her story how she got burned after summer fling with a foreigner and left alone in a foreign country without any idea what to do now. And when she started thinking, it occurred to her that from the beginning she had knew that it would never have had the happy ending but anyway she took a risk without thinking. The author says that these situations, when your heart is not completely broke but you still feel pain, give you an opportunity to know yourself better.

It has got me thinking – could it be a slightly possibility that we do it to ourselves just because we actually enjoy this pain? Do not get me wrong – I do not want to say that women are so kinky that enjoy pain (although, Fifty Shades of Grey speaks a lot…). What I want to say is that sometimes we do it to ourselves just to feel that rush, just to get dramatic, just to loose ourselves. And since we know that we are not completely broken, since neither we have cared so much about him nor have had a wish to make it happen, you still can have this short mourning session and spend a weekend with a bowl of ice cream and Bridget Jones. You can recharge yourself, give a million and one promises to focus on other things than men, declare to wait for the only one or better be alone.

And tomorrow it is like 1 January – you feel strong and confident, looking forward to what world can offer you, with a list of your post heart scrape resolutions in your hand and you know that this time it will be different.

Of course, it is just a matter of time when you fall again into your pattern and here you are again in front of your fridge with a spoon in your hand,  looking for your men – Ben and Jerry’s. But you know, tomorrow it will be a better day!

I would like to hear your thoughts!




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