The Tip To Avoid Pain Caused By High Heels

Paris-Street-Style-3When anyone asks me how I can wear high heels all the time, I respond with a catchy phrase borrowed from Serena from Gossip Girl: “…your feet won’t hurt as long as you have just the right amount of champagne”. Though if I could drink champagne every single day… Oh, well…

I must admit that after a long day at work or  long hours on the dance floor with your buddies, it is practically impossible to avoid pain in your feet (although, FYI Champagne really helps! Kudos, Serena!).

But today during my morning check out what is happening in the world, I found an awesome article how to fix this problem without becoming an alcohol addict. And the secret weapon is a tape! Yes, you have understood me right – a simple Scotch tape will make wonders to your feet. Tape your third and fourth toes and you can, literally, live in high heels! According to science, there is a nerve between these two toes so when you give too much pressure on it, it cause you a pain, and the tape removes the strain.

You can read more about it on WHO WHAT WEAR blog.

Simple, easy and, hopefully, effective! Let’s go and try!

And what is your secret weapon letting you dance all night long?




5 thoughts on “The Tip To Avoid Pain Caused By High Heels

  1. great tip! a quote i often use when asked why one should wear heels when they’re so uncomfortable is “if they ain’t hurting, they ain’t helping!” not entirely sure where it’s from, but I thought I might mention it 🙂 thanks again!

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