Stuff it all in a Carry-on? Challenge Accepted!

Since waiting by the carousel for your luggage (that might never show up) is a waste of your time and because airlines are going crazy with ridiculous baggage fees, Glam de Zoo is here to propose a solution (and a challenge) – stuff it all in a carry-on. Yes, evidently glamourous ladies are doing it, hipsters are doing it, and your mama would be so proud if you would try doing it… What else is there to say – top 5 tips for packing light!

courtesy of Alain Delorme

courtesy of Alain Delorme

1. Forget “what if”

This is tough, I know. However, please consider this – think specific – what climate are you traveling to, what type of trip is this (special occasion, work, beach retreat, jungle expedition). Please forget about “what if”.  “What ifs” must stay at home. Consider this – if you are indeed going to visit your friend in the city for a casual weekend, there is a very slight chance you will somehow end up in need for hiking shoes. And if you do – finding a pair in a foreign country might be an adventure in itself. Stay focused on clothing items that you KNOW you will wear.

As far as non-clothing articles go, think them through as well. Do you really need your computer  keeping you company, or can you stop at the Internet cafe, if something comes up. Don’t pack your hairdryer, because most hostels and hotels will have it. If you do take electronics with you, please check voltage in the country you are traveling to. There is no need for tons of chargers either, since most electronic devices can be charged via USB from your computer, for instance. Minimize the number of converters you bring, since they usually weigh a ton. One is plenty!

If you are going for a longer trip, you may need to do laundry… get some magic soap (travel size), that is made of essential oils, is all natural, and highly concentrated. This will most definitely come in handy in a shower and in a laundromat.

Also, consider getting one of those nifty travel cotton, or linen-cotton towels, that might save you if you are a frequent guest of hostels that don’t provide towels. Thin cotton travel towel weigh close to nothing and dry super fast. A cute one may serve as a blanket or a scarf if you wish to be versatile.

2. Consider Airline Regulations

This is boring, but oh so detrimental. Different airlines will have slightly (or extremely) different regulations on the carry-on dimensions and weight. Please check with airline before flying, so no mean person tells your that your carry-on is too “fat” and asks to pay fees. This is just rude, but happens.

Side note – also remember what type and how much liquids you can bring through the check point. Most airport websites will have this information updated and available for you.

3. Choose clothes, shoes and accessories that go well together

Consider this – throw clothes that you wish to take with you on the floor. Now make mental combinations. If a specific shirt goes only with one other item – DO NOT pack it. Try making outfits in your head out of what you see, choose a color palette, pick few accessories to go with it.

Also, if you are concerned about looking like a tourist, do some research about what people wear in place you are heading to. For instance, Europeans will prefer more natural colored clothes, while Americans will fancy bright combinations.

red hues

4. Do not fold, but roll

Rolling your clothes saves you space! Who would of thought… Follow this simple rule: Shoes go in the corners of the luggage, then go rolled jeans, trousers and other heavier clothes, top it with another layer of lighter rolled clothing. Toiletries and electronic devices should go last, so you don’t need to dig for them at the security check point. If you are packing more business-like attire and are concerned about wrinkles, you could lay those items first on the bottom of the luggage, leaving part of it hanging out, and then fold your clothes over and on top of the other items, once  your are done stuffing your carry on.


One more tricky tip – heavier items should be worn by you! you can save a lot of space by layering clothing on your own body. Plus, planes get chilly…

5. It’s all about you having a blast

Most importantly – traveling is an adventure, so be prepared for unexpected. Everything will be juuuuuuust fine!

Do you have any packing tips or tricks? Share with us!

Bon Voyage!



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