5 Tricks To Make You Ready in A Blink

images-1Getting excited about the upcoming Monday? I don’t think so. We feel you… We know how unbearable it seems to wake early in the morning after an awesome weekend and get your work done. That is why we prepared 5 simple tricks that help you get ready much faster and let you stay in bed for a bit longer. Sounds like a dream? Better apply these tricks for your daily morning routine and avoid morning scramble.

  • Organize your outfit the evening before

It might sound boring but it saves you tons of time. If you choose your whole outfit along with shoes, bag and accessories the night before, you will avoid rushing over  the house, throwing everything what you have in your closet on your ground, meanwhile, screaming how you do not have what to wear (you can do everything in the evening without any rush). Even if you feel meh about your last night choice, it will be much easier edit your outfit instead of creating a brand new one in a couple of minutes.main.original.585x0

  • Keep your place organised.

“Yesterday i was late for my work because I couldn’t find my earrings/umbrella/keys/…!”- does it sound familiar? I bet it does. If you keep your life organised starting with your jewellery box and ending with your entire home, you have never to deal with this problem anymore. Always know where you keep your things.p_101003602

  • Keep things simple

Don’t waste your time accessorising. Simplicity is the key to perfection and efficiency. If you spend more than a couple of minutes thinking how many rings should you put on, just leave your favourite one and head out for you work. And always keep your favourite pieces in the same place, this way you can just grab them on your way.9279CRALT1791Web

  • Don’t mix up your outwear

jennalyons.closetPlace  your shoes, jackets, coats, scarves, shoes separately from the rest of your closet. This way it will be much easier just throw it on before leaving home and as well it will not become a complication while you are trying to find something in your closet.

  • Pack your work bag the night before

Have you been in a situation when you ended up with a bag full of things that you do not actually need? This happens when you start packing last minute and ended up throwing things without thinking. In order to make a bag to your little helper and not into an unnecessary weight to carry on, think through what you will need and what you have to pack.THEIT_Bossi_Bag_Gravel_inside-thumb-504x324-3125

How does your daily routine look like? We are dying to find out!





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