Jet Setters Guide to Positano

positano600When a heat wave hits Italy, the only option to make your stay bearable is to pack your travel bag and to go hell out of the city. The good thing is that this outrageously beautiful country has one of the most beautiful coastlines ever. The part of it is stunning Amalfi Coast, where Glam de Zoo team spent their last weekend in order to give you an insider’s look.

So who are not familiar with Costiera Amalfitana, it is  a mountainous coast south of Naples, well know for its breathtaking views, cliffs, stunning beaches and, simply, its worldwide known awesomeness.

Although there are quite a variety of little towns that stop your heart for a second, but the most known are these jewels: Sorrento, Ravello and Positano. We were located in Positano which is known as the most posh and photogenic town of Amalfi Coast (which is a complete true).

023How to get there:

It can be quite an adventure. If you get lucky and find a decent flight to Naples, you may consider have a driver who takes you to any of these hot spots mentioned above. Otherwise you can take either a train or bus to Sorrento and from where grab either a cab or a bus to Ravello, Positano or Amalfi.

If you are landing in Rome or Milan, simply get a fast train to Naples and in an hour or a couple (depending on your departure city) you will be in Naples.

The advantage of having a private driver to pick you up from Naples is the scenic drive. Certainly, you can have the same view with the bus, but having a local knowledgeable driver is such a treat. Spend your time wisely and find out all the best restaurants and places to hang out around your place. He is local – he knows the best!

No matter which transportation you choose, be ready to kill your iPhone battery while taking pictures of every single breathtaking view on your way.

positano5Where to stay:

We stayed in the outskirts of Positano. There are upsides and downsides choosing to stay outside the city centre.


  • Every hotel outside city centre has an unbelievable view. Additionally, we had a huge balcony, that made us feel as a part of royalty: a stunning view, a yacht under your feet, a glass of prosecco in your hands and a lemon garden next to you.
  • Beautiful beautiful beautiful beach! Of course, hardly, the main beach is disgusting but comparing to the paradise we had 5 min away from the place we stayed, believe me, you want that. First of all it is a private beach, which you can enter only if you live in one of surrounding villas or you arrive with water taxi. Secondly, it is squeezed between two huge cliffs. Thirdly, it has a very humble but so so so good restaurant/bar. Have in mind that beaches are pebbly here so keep your havanas on. Of course, the more cocktails you have, the less painful it gets.


  • It is outside city centre. So every night you have to grab a taxi to get to the main square and look for one to take you back home.
  • The main beach has more action. So if you are a party animal and you need a movement every single second, I believe, this beach brings you more action and happiness.

letresorelle-e1384091159702Where to eat:

Since we are total tanning freaks and, like typical Lithuanians who always crave for sun, spend our day at the beach from sunrise until sundown, so we had our lunch always at that local restaurant on the beach which was awesome! Everyday they spoiled us with fresh grilled fish, rocket salads and fantastic desserts such as: pear pie with ricotta.

Although, I heard that there were a couple of really good restaurants next to our hotel but we decided to show our tanned bodies and move party to town. Before we left, I had read so many reviews where to go and to have a great dinner and all of them mentioned same names. Our go for was traditional trattoria with spectacular view. To be honest, I did not expect much from the food, because I am big believer that you cannot get both: view and food. Oh, well, silly me, because the food was fantastic! For starters we had a plate of fried squids and octopus, that were the best squids and octopus I have ever eaten, and as the main dish we decided to take a steak with grilled veggies. The only downside was that they did not ask the way we liked our steaks but lucky me, I got mine beautifully red.

background-homeNight out:

Honestly, I am not a big club fan but when in Positano… So I decided to came out from my shell and go clubbing like Italians do. It was not a brainer that we were heading to legendary Music on the Rock which, based on idea, it is really neat place. It is a club and a restaurant inside a cave, which looks absolutely amazing from outside. Though talking about interior, I was a bit turned off. I am not a fluorescent girl at all so all this colors and violet made me think that I want go home and have a glass of wine. Anyway, by the end of the day, we stayed there and had a lot of fun dancing and drinking. By the way, the cocktails are pretty good!

All in all, Positano was dope! And i cannot wait to come back and have more awesome dinners, good drinks and maybe find cooler places to hang out!2794834822_75cb094b1f




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