Jet Setters Guide to Positano

positano600When a heat wave hits Italy, the only option to make your stay bearable is to pack your travel bag and to go hell out of the city. The good thing is that this outrageously beautiful country has one of the most beautiful coastlines ever. The part of it is stunning Amalfi Coast, where Glam de Zoo team spent their last weekend in order to give you an insider’s look. Continue reading


Splashes of Neon. Summer 2014 / Neonu Apšlakstyta Vasara 2014

Hello again! This post is for those who are asking for a bit more attention this summer. Best way to do it, is through your clothes, of course. Neon is trending this season, so hop on the boat of loud colors and enjoy the sun!

Sveiki! Šis straipsnis tiems, kurie prašosi šiek tiek daugiau dėmėsio. Būkite pastebėti ir išreikškite save šią vasarą vilkėdami ryškesnę aprangą. Neoninės spalvos yra “ant bangos”, tad šokite į rėkiančių spalvų laivą ir mėgaukitės saule!





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TOP 3 lipstick colours for Summer 2014

Hello my darlings!!
As summer has already come with it’s all heat & vibes, today I would like to talk about the hottest lipstick colors for this summer season! Yes, what I’m going to present are mostly bright and kind of dense colors and it may turn out that not all of you love or find out these colors suitable for you, but here I want to encourage you to try to be unique and sexy with those bright vibrant lipstick colors for this summer!

Number one this summer season is obviously THE ORANGE.

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This orange shade is on trend no matter is made of matte formula or you are using “wet” formula lipstick. This lipstick will make a perfect combination whenever you are wearing official style clothes or those of free time. Just one remark, whenever you are using this bright color, be sure it’s the main BRIGHT  thing on your face.

Number two this summer – HOT PINK!



So all pink color lovers, this summer is YOUR TIME!! Use all possible shades of this fantastic color and be unique!!

Number three in my list – MAGICAL RED!!



I have to admit, RED is my favourite color no matter what season is! It suits everyday & everytime, whatever occasion is! Just don’t be afraid to use this magical color lipstick!

So my dearest ladies, choose the color of lipstick you love the most, buy it, and use all summer long!! and be sure that not only eyes make yourself unique! Lips are the hottest part of your face, so make them SHINE!!



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Food Drool

Today we are going to do a short style inspo post. Just this time it will be about the FOOD (my favorite subject, of course!). As I am a strong believer that eating is a very sensual experience, visual representation must be somewhat better than what you might see in the bowl of your pet. It is absolutely not necessary to spend hours arranging your plate and finding the perfect silver fork to go with it. You don’t need to learn how to carve chocolate figurines, or create a fancy jam design on a big white plate. Be simple, use what you have and make your family and friends drool!


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