Hip Hip Hooray for Bastards!

Hot_CoupleS_-_1024x768_-_Wallpapers_-_aman15-5.jpg_a_18Yesterday during a bitchy session called “How I hate guys”, my patient conversation partner interrupted me with a million dollar worth question: ok, so why do you like him? That was the eureka moment for me: really, why do I like him?

Yet during another conversion on the same topic, a guy friend responded me with outrage: Nice? Do you call him “nice”?! That is the worse thing to be told for a guy!

It hit me that we, women, are really not into nice guys. What a hell is wrong with us? Are we mentally challenged or just do we have a gene that links us to a sadomasochistic behaviour?

What is so magical about hanging out with a guy who definitely will broke your heart? And for how long we can make this mistake until we get that people do not change so if he is a bad guy, he will remain a bad guy FOREVER.

Though, honestly, there is a bit magic in it: the thrill, the passion, the challenge, the hope that eventually you can change him that goes along with steamy make out sessions.

Although it can happen, and you can have you happily  ever after fairytale, my suggestion would be – keep it cool! Every girl has to experience a crazy mind blowing romance with a bad boy but do not lose it. Make it an easy breezy adventure and not a heavy and grumpy cry me a river serenade. Make him try harder, because you worth it!

So enjoy it and take the best from it!


Meanwhile share your own stories and thoughts on this topic.




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