Men and Glam de zoo: Say hello for Summer shoes


Let’s say hello to another fantastic day and talk about SHOES today. No, I’m not going to talk about women’s shoes today, because women can be called “Queens of shoes” so I guess they don’t need big advice in this case. Instead today, I want talk to you, men! Let’s explore your possibilities in summer shoes arena: WHAT to wear and WHY?

Summer shoes is usually a little bit confusing topic for men. Especially for businessmen who are used to wear official type shoes every day and when it comes to free time activities or summer season, they usually get confused about WHAT they should wear when outside heat has reaches Sahara’s desert heights. So here I am today, to help you to get better idea on what to wear on summer.

Let’s start with the king of summer shoes – MOCCASINS. Yes, moccasins are shoes you can combine everywhere every day. It depends only on moccasins style and color. So remember that TRENDIEST MEN have moccasins as main shoes type for summer for they give maximum comfort and style at the same time. Just one REMARK here. It would be better to wear moccasins without socks, however I have to admit sometimes moccasins just need SOCKS. So if outside we have cold and chill evening and you’re stepping with moccasins you can freely use socks, just be sure socks are BEIGE or NATURAL color. Obviously, if you are wearing black moccasins then you have two options – barefoot or black socks and no discussions are possible in this case. All in all, my advice, if possible, to wear moccasins in barefoot as your foot will get maximum comfort in this case, the only thing not to forget – MAKE SURE YOUR FOOT ARE NOT SMELLY. Because smelly foot are NEVER ON THE TREND.


Second best in the summer shoes list are LOAFERS. This is the WAY OUT for men who has to be in official style clothing every day at work and who don’t want their foot to die in the winter style official shoes. Shops are full of loafers so you should choose the ones you like the most. Summer style loafers come with lighter colors and are usually are more worn in suede than in regular leather, just to make your foot breathe. So BUSINESSMEN, choose summer style loafers for getting to work every day and you will remain yet IN STYLE while having your foot breathing.



Number three in my list – lounges. That’s almost the same as loafers, the only difference, lounges come as backless loafers. Not my favorite ones for sure, BUT. If you stay ALL DAY LONG in office near your table and you don’t move a lot, lounges are your solution in summer. Firstly they pass easily – NO TOE EXPOSURE rule easily, and secondly, your foot are free to move and to breathe all day in those lounges. Even if I have mentioned now lounges, but my advice would be – DON’T OVERUSE them. Better use loafers or moccasins so you will never risk being out of style. However, I have to admit, for some men, I could list millions of arguments why not to wear lounges, but finally no matter what they will choose lounges. C’est la vie. At least be sure that will be stylish lounges.

Ok, let’s move now for little bit more FREESTYLE summer shoes.

SNEAKERS. Yes, these are more than allowed during summer. Furthermore, sneakers are welcome also in the winter in some cases. So feel free to wear sneakers when you are spending your free time in the beach, at the pool, in the forest, or in any other place in nature. Sneakers are always IN TREND no matter what. Below you can find examples of sneakers which I find the most attractive ones for men in summer. Take it or leave it.


And let’s finish this list of marvelous summer shoes for men with THONGS.


Don’t mix this name with the women lingerie. Thongs are sandals, whose strap is in the shape as women’s underwear. Same name, different meaning. All depends on your imagination. So thongs for men are available at various colors, shades and etc. Here, I would like to stress out only, WHERE thongs suit the best. So first type of clothing you can use with thongs is JEANS. Jeans, cotton pants are great team with thongs, don’t forget linen pants too. I’m not going to say now WHEN to where thongs, because this depend where you live. In some places, men wear thongs even in the evening, but my advice would be DO NOT RISK. Better wear thongs during daytime so you would not be misunderstood when wearing them in the evening.

That’s all for today, let’s meet soon for another piece of fashion advice! And men, don’t forget, GOOD SHOES MAKE THE MAN!!!



Netrukus ir lietuviškai!!!


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