Men and Glam de Zoo / Vyrai ir Glam de Zoo


Since I am a young, single professional living in a big city, naturally, dating process is a big part of my daily routine. Sometime dates with young, single (or not so single – SIGH!) men can be a thrilling and interesting experience, sometimes – just interesting, and sometimes you  come home after your another date and start thinking: Maybe is it time to stop dating?

Anyway, we cannot live without men and this is a never-ending topic so since now, time to time, we will share our ideas, experience and thoughts on this one.

vintage-love-844opqttl-140906-500-652_largeI am a girls’ girl. In sense that I am much more into friendships with girls than men. I guess, now I will be announced as a heretic, but, to be honest, I am not a big believer of a pure and platonic friendship between man and woman. Maybe I haven’t been lucky enough to find a guy friend but so far all my friendships with men have ended up in two way: either with sex or the end of friendship. Or at least it is always this weird tension. Of course, this is just my weird experience. Anyway, although I do not have a lot of friends, all my besties are woman.

And they all are amazing (gee, just take a look at Glam de Zoo team!). But I do not say that because they are my friends, not at all! Every time when we go out they are always in the centre of attention: compliments, phone numbers, drinks and so on! BUT! Although none of them cannot complain about the low number of admirers, the most part of them are still single.

Young, successful, amazing, interesting, intelligent and single? Why?

I start thinking: do men still feel intimidated of successful women? Or maybe it is just another feminine excuse as “You are too good for him!” but the real reason is completely different?

I heard bazillion of stories when a guy keeps telling how amazing, interesting, intriguing the girl is but he ends up with not so intriguing or amazing one OR he is just never ready to take these relationships to the next level. When I am in this type of situation or when I listen to them, I get furious: do men really want to settle with something easier, although the fruits will not be so sweet?

I refuse believing that! I want to remain in my little world where men are the stronger sex and they are born to be hunters and not to be hunted.

I really want to here you opinion on this one:

Girls, have you been in this kind of situation?

Guys, are you bored of blood rushing hunt and what you really want is a comfy food and microwave?

Looking forward to it!



managing_sex_love_relationships_marriage_and_intimacyKadangi esu jauna, vieniša profesionalė, gyvenanti dideliame mieste, natūralu, kad susitikinėjimas su jaunais, vienišais (ne visada SIGH!) vyrais užima nemenką dalį mano gyvenimo rutinos. Kartais tai būna įdomi ir jaudinantis patirtis, kartais tik įdomi, o kartais verčianti susmąstyti: Gal jau metas liautis date’inti? 

Bet kokiu atveju vyrai ir santykiais – neišsemiama tema, tad nuo šiol, laiks nuo laiko, Glam de Zoo pasidalins savo patirtimi ir atradimais šiame lauke.

Aš esu ta mergina, kuri visada turi daugiau merginų draugių nei vaikinų draugų. Dabar tikriausiai būsiu pasmerkta ir nesuprasta, bet, atvirai kalbant, nelabai aš tikiu TIK draugyste tarp vyro ir moters. Nežinau, gal man tiesiog nepasisekė, bet kol kas nesu sutikusi nė vieno vaikino, su kuriuo anksčiau ar vėliau santykiai nepakryptų viena ar kita kryptimi, ir dažniausiai tai: arba seksas, arba draugystės pabaiga. Bet, kaip minėjau, gal čia tik mano keista patirtis. Bet kokiu atveju, nors aš neturiu daug draugų, bet visos mano artimiausios draugystės yra su merginomis.

Visos mano draugės yra nepakartojamos asmenybės (gee, pažvelkite vien tik į Glam de Zoo komandą!). Ir aš nesakau to vien dėl to, kad jos mano draugės – visada išėjus į viešumą, jos  yra tos merginos, kurios neliks nepastebėtos: dėmesys, komplimentai, telefono numeriai ir šampano purslai. BET! Nepaisant to, kad nė viena iš jų nestokojo priešingos (o kartais ir tos pačios lyties) dėmesio, didžioji dalis šių merginų yra vienišos.

Sėkmingos, gražios, įdomios, išsilavinusios ir vienišos? Kodėl?

Tai privertė mane susimąstyti: negi vyrai vis dar bijo sėkmingų moterų? O gal tai tik moterų paguoda viena kitai, iš serijos “Tu jam per gera!“, o iš tiesų priežastis slypi kažkur kitur?

Aš esu ne kartą girdėjusi tokių istorijų, kai vyrai žavisi, kokia nuostabi ir nepakartojama yra mergina, bet nepaisant to, pasirenka būti su ne tokia “nuostabia ir nepakartojama” ARBA tiesiog nebūna pasirengę perkelti santykių į kitą lygį. Visada atsidūrusi tokioje situacijoje ar klausydama tokių istorijų, atvirai kalbant, įsiuntu: negi vyrai visada renkasi lengviausią kelią, nepasaint to, kad vaisiai pakeliui nebus tokie saldūs?

Ne, aš atsisakau tuo patikėti! Aš noriu likti savo pasaulėlyje, kur vyrai yra stiprioji lytis ir gimę medžioti, o ne būti sumedžioti!

Kaip niekada laukiu Jūsų nuomonės: merginos, ar esate atsidūrusios panašioje situacijoje? Vyrai, negi Jums pabodo kraują kaitinanti medžioklė ir mieliau renkatės pusgaminį, šildomą mikrobangų krosnelėje?




9 thoughts on “Men and Glam de Zoo / Vyrai ir Glam de Zoo

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  2. Expectations run too high on both sides of the fence. If a woman appeals to a man, I doubt her being a success is a turn-off in 2014. If it is, then he needs to “hunt” in different places…like small towns, an old high school flame, or any of the (make me puke) millions of women offering themselves as brides on the internet. It’s much easier to guess that single men are into a variety of mates, and have remained single because they like a variety of mates. Some may appear turned off by successful women, when what it really is could be a “two weeks rule.” Mathematics will bear me out, that some women must be this way as well, or everyone goes home alone until they’re engaged. I got married at age 43. Another friend at age 50.I have one child, he married a lady with two. I had relationships for 4, 5, 5, 11 and 5 years along the way, and have been married 10 years after a two year romance to get us started. My friend, however, had a three week rule, and broke that a couple of times on the long side before finally getting married. It’s the lists of requirements people make in their head, the desire to marry into money, even the specifics of lovemaking or physique that ruin chances for real love to blossom like it used to.
    From old-ville…

    • Thank you very much for your oppinion on the subject. You start off by saying the “expectations run too high on both sides of the fence”, would you mind sharing your thoughts as how these expectations might of changed in 21st century for both men and women? As we find it really curious!

      • Sure. In many cases couples unite having shed the veil of live in favor if what inadvertently becomes a business contract. He may expect her to be just as loving regardless of career or family obligations that raise stress. She may expect him to continue to climb not just do their bank account rises but do that her place in society can be based in both his and her careers. This trading in of love for money oriented goals can leave a couple inept at helping each other through the hard parts if raising children or other stress. Inevitable separations lead to do many other sadnesses ( see messed up kids) that it makes you agree with Buscaglia or Chopra or even Naruda that live is a better way to make a union. So what if rich married poor. Dark skin and light skin old and young, man and man, If together for love this is best. The world is foul with people striving to be in the top one percent while losing track of love. I’m sick of seeing it on tv too so I threw mine away

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