When love takes over


When love takes over… Yes these are words from the famous David Guetta song however they perfectly suits in nowadays life! What I want to talk about today is Love, that unknown creature who isn’t really explainable, who has so many “faces” that nobody actually know WHAT exactly it talks about, but EVERYBODY knows HOW does it feel.

Already for one month I was talking with various people about love. I was never doing it straightforwardly, instead I was trying to understand what people think about love having some random conversations so I would not have to push people to talk about their personal life. So today I guess is the day, I can share some findings, and what can I say? Women talk always about love and men. Almost all conversations always have at least a little part of love & men. Yes, I have to admit that love & men rules our world. Women’s world. All conversations I had with my best friends, colleagues, random women, there were always at least one sentence about men, about GOOD man or BAD man. Yes, sometimes that sounded so funny I had to laugh about, because men already know for ages they are ASSHOLES. That’s natural, if something doesn’t work, that’s MAN. That BAD man standing there behind that makes everything worse. Really funny!! But what I want to stress out here is that bigger part of women actually connected love and man, some of them where talking about love as love to children, job, life, travel and etc., but all in all LOVE FOR WOMEN IS LOVE FOR MEN.



Actually for me it’s a little bit ridiculous to talk about love because I don’t know if I am experienced enough to talk about it. But. I got my heart broken several times in my life (yes, it was really BROKEN), sometimes it was my fault, sometimes it was that BAD man and sometimes there were certain circumstances in life that made love to finish unfortunately (the question is if TRUE love can finish?) For those women who now are experiencing that phase of BROKEN heart, I want to say, it will PASS AWAY. I can promise you, and you won’t believe me now, but that pain and shit in your heart, will go away, all you need is TIME. But let today not talk about that bad part of love, let’s talk better about that better part of love before I pass talking what I discovered about men way of love. What I am wishing for everyone is to experience love. We all have different understanding about love, so I will share mine just to give an idea what kind of powerful stuff it is. First thing from my life is, that LOVE in my life is the main power. All in all, I have constant love for life, because it’s just my way of life. But if we are not talking about love for life or love for family, of course there comes also love for man and love for best friends. Men and my best friends in my life inspired me to do great things. Or I have to say better, love for man or love for friends inspired me to do some great stuff. Because love gives you wings. Somehow when you feel love and you are feeling loved, that fantastic mix, causes many marvelous things happen. Maybe that’s wrong, but I have to admit that being with a man you love and with the friends that accepts you just the way you are gives you that strong pushing for doing something for the GOOD, for the FUTURE, and for US. Sometimes some random person in life become the reason you smile every morning or the reason you going to sleep with a smile. That’s unexplainable and that happens rarely, but HAPPENS. That’s why life is beautiful and charming. Because life connects you with people you don’t expect to get connected and life sends you love when you don’t ever think about falling in love. So I am wishing you all, whenever you feel that POWER has come to your life, GO FOR IT, never let go that feeling go away just because you are AFRAID or you don’t know if it will work out. Everything will WORK OUT, if you will WANT TO, and all the UNIVERSE will help you to deal with that, don’t forget it.


And for the last part of this post, let’s now reveal what men think about love. So, opinions are really different. All in all, for men, love is not the same stuff, as love for women. And women, you better understand it know before you get your heart broken. Men really do not have wings of love. Love for men is the thing they UNDERSTAND, can EXPLAIN but NOT TALK ABOUT. Men don’t like to talk about love, because that just nothing to talk about. Yes, that’s also funny. Funny, because they admit that love exists but men are just too cool to talk about it. Of course not ALL MEN. So don’t get me wrong. Because some men recognizes love as strength somebody as weakness of their life. But they also admit that good women next to them means a lot. Men, who are CEO’s or having high positions at work admitted that without women, they would never achieved great career. Not because love and women make miracles (or maybe they DO?!), but because only women can help to combine family and career. But this could be another topic of discussions, because I got interesting findings also on this topic. So what I want to say about men, that most of them are really romantic, ALL of them wants to be loved and most of them find love as a power that drives their life. So ladies, if men doesn’t say that he loves you, don’t get mad, because some of them don’t do it, just to remain STRONG SEX, but there will come moment when you will hear that powerful word. Of course it may turn out, that he really doesn’t love you, but if this will be the case, you will feel it even without his words.


So my people of the world, I’m spreading my message of LOVE for you: just LOVE, be CRAZY ABOUT LOVE, find YOUR OWN WAY OF LOVE, find that ONE PERSON TO LOVE, LOVE YOUR FRIENDS, LOVE YOUR FAMILY and most importantly LOVE LIFE you are living!!!!

Always yours,


Lietuviškai jau tuoj visai netrukus!!!








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