Hip Hip Hooray for Bastards!

Hot_CoupleS_-_1024x768_-_Wallpapers_-_aman15-5.jpg_a_18Yesterday during a bitchy session called “How I hate guys”, my patient conversation partner interrupted me with a million dollar worth question: ok, so why do you like him? That was the eureka moment for me: really, why do I like him?

Yet during another conversion on the same topic, a guy friend responded me with outrage: Nice? Do you call him “nice”?! That is the worse thing to be told for a guy! Continue reading


Summer Style: Mr. Behind the Shades

Dear men, summer is a perfect time to wear your favorite jamesbond’ish, johnlennon’ish accessories – SHADES. So, go crazy! Choose what fits your personality and face. Glam de Zoo is happy to advise, as usual. Note: Maybe we don’t understand sh*t about male sunglasses, but we sure can appreciate mystery behind the shades. So….


…dive in!  Continue reading

It’s Time for Experiences over Things!

Today let’s talk about stuff. Literally. Us, people, we surround ourselves with things that a lot of times don’t have any meaning or use… Consumerism, materialism, retail therapy taken a step too far… gifts that we hope to “re-gift”, books that we’ll never read again, clothes that don’t fit… it all suffocates us!


Source: standard.co.uk

If you think about happy life memories, not many will include you purchasing things. Most likely, you remember cozy moments with your family, naughty pranks, fun vacations, or getting a pet. You [probably] don’t say, “Oh wow I bought this jumbo pack of 50 pairs of socks ten years ago, what a happy memory!” So going back to the point! Things WON’T make you happy in a long run, but experiences WILL. Continue reading