Vamos Alla Playa with the BEST men’s summer swimwear choices!

Even if I could agree that on this topic men stylists could say more, but I’m sure nothing is better that an opinion from “outside”. So today let’s talk about perfect swimsuit of a man!


My aim is not to tell you what swimsuit you MUST wear, but I would like to help you to avoid AWFUL look in the beach or near the pool and finally make you ROCK in the summertime with your style!

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5 very BIG and very NASTY men’s summer fashion mistakes / 5 labai DIDELĖS ir NEMALONIOS vyrų stiliaus klaidos vasaros metu

So here came the turn and we are starting our new topic dedicated only for you, our magnificent creatures – MEN!


As summer is approaching to Europe (in other parts of the world it has already came or just there are places where summer never ends) let’s talk about 5 very BIG and very NASTY men summer fashion mistakes which really makes me almost cry (yes, it really does) Continue reading

Lessons of Seduction Techniques. A Perfect Brew of Coffee

(Lietuviška versija jau greitai!)

Hello people! Today we will talk about the most complicated beverage on Earth – Coffee. More specifically, we will explore ways how to brew it (the ways self-respecting coffee bean would love to be brewed and enjoyed). Forget mocha, forget extra hot soy triple vanilla latte, forget everything you think you know about this drink. Let’s take it real&black!

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Hug Australian Day II Part / Apkabink Australą II Dalis

Here we go the rest hotties on your screen!

Jūsų dėmesiui karščio banga tiesiai iš Australijos su likusiais 7 kvapą gniaužiančiais, širdis audrinančiais australais!

Sam Worthington

Even if this stud is know as English actor, he is made on the beautiful Australian land. Shame that he had to stay covered in a blue paint for the most of the time during his Avatar role that made him famous.

Nors šis aktorius yra tituluojamas kaip britų, tačiau jis atkeliavo iš gražiosios Australijos žemės. Gaila, kad savo pačio žinomiausio vaidmens metu, didžiąją laiko dalį jam reikėjo praleisti su mėlynu grimu.


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Favorite Aussie Bloggers

Continuing with Aussie theme, we present our top favorite street style bloggers from Australia that we adore, follow and copy!

Shall we start?

By Chill

Her feminine and eclectic style is so beautiful and easily to be worn despite of your job, lifestyle and personal preferences. This girl is not only the brain and the face of this elegant blog but the Market Editor at Instyle Magazine Australia.

“I’m completely obsessed with Iris Apfel, she totally owns her style.  Exactly how I hope to be when I’m 92!”


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Kitchen’s gods and goddesses… #2 Avocado / Virtuvės dievai ir dievaitės… #2 Avokadas

#2 Avocado


Number two among our Kitchen’s gods is AVOCADO. This super-fruit earned its place on Healthier Kitchen’s Mount Olympus for its smooth nutty flavor, versatility and, of course, nutritious value. Remember guacamole from your last trip to a Mexican Restaurant? Well, after reading this post, smashed avocados will shine in a whole different [green] light.


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Mademoiselle? Yes, please!


After spending my weekend in Paris, I got back home feeling inspired not only by city itself but I also got couple of things going in my mind. While having a walk in the center of city starting from “place de la Concorde” until “Arc de Triomphe” my eyes caught certain style details that I define to be very “Parisian”. That’s is why, today I would like to talk about some kind of “mademoiselle” style detail – THE HAT. Hat which can be worn in usual day, hat which could be perfect accessory when participating in some kind of cocktail party or wedding, and hat which is suitable in summertime when having holidays in some resort.

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